Spawn Of A Beast

This is my mind. I am 20. They say I have PTSD from being raped. This is just a way of escaping the reality. Life sucks clit and I enjoy every second of it!


reading all this ferguson stuff and seeing how racist people still are and then seeing people say that POC have no issues bc they can vote for example is so dumb like??? it’s like keeping a puppy in a cage and then giving it a slightly bigger cage and saying it’s free now no it’s not it’s just slightly less confined and that’s exactly what’s happening here in America rn


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I dont think my heart can handle anymore of this. Its like I would be fine if I knew there was a reason. Something I did but i dont know anymore



John Ajvide Lindqvist, Little Star



Apparently I won’t shake it off but I’ll pretend it’s all ok that someone out there feels just like me

… There is.